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    Ride in Style: The 2024 INFINITI QX60

    The 2024 INFINITI QX60: A World of Luxury

    2024 INFINITI QX60 Front View

    In the world of luxury automobiles, the 2024 INFINITI QX60 stands as a paragon of innovation, sophistication, and design. This meticulously crafted crossover SUV redefines luxury, and it's now available at Devan INFINITI of Fairfield, serving the community in Fairfield, Connecticut, and beyond. In this extensive exploration of the 2024 INFINITI QX60, we'll delve into the essence of this vehicle, from its minimalistic design and the technological marvels it offers to its impressive safety features and powerful performance. This isn't just a vehicle; it's an embodiment of the future of luxury.

     Minimalistic Design: The Art of "Ma"


    2024 INFINITI QX60 - Headlight

    The 2024 INFINITI QX60 is a testament to the power of minimalism. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of "Ma," which represents the space between objects, the QX60 masterfully incorporates this philosophy into its design. It's not just about the vehicle; it's about the artistry behind it.

    The QX60's exterior commands attention with its LED headlights, a bold front fascia, and well-defined lines. It's a crossover SUV that exudes confidence, making a statement on the streets of Fairfield and beyond. Beyond aesthetics, the QX60 introduces a two-tone styling option with an all-black roof, setting it apart as a bold choice. The digital piano key lighting design is distinctively INFINITI, illuminating the path ahead.

     Interior Luxury: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

    Step into the cabin of the 2024 INFINITI QX60, and you're greeted by a symphony of sophistication. The interior is not merely a space; it's an experience. The INFINITI 12.3” Dynamic Meter Display takes center stage, offering a comprehensive view of driving and performance data. Customizable materials and finishes, like Black Open Pore Ash wood accents, Sandstone Leather-Appointed Seats, Silver Metallic Weave Trim, and Black Lacquer Trim, let you personalize your luxury experience.

    The panoramic moonroof allows natural light to flood the cabin, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Every aspect of the interior, from the placement of controls to the tactile feel of surfaces, is designed for maximum comfort and satisfaction. Every element has been meticulously considered to provide a uniquely satisfying experience.

     Functionally Sophisticated: Connectivity and Technology

    2024 INFINITI QX60 - Dashboard and Front Seats


    The 2024 QX60 is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a connected hub. The INFINITI InTouch technology, featured on a 12.3” high-definition display, serves as the vehicle's central nervous system, offering seamless connectivity. The INFINITI Intelligent Key provides easy access to the interior while retaining your unique driver settings.

    The steering wheel-mounted media controls and available ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link controls keep convenience at your fingertips. They empower you to take control while on the move. The 10.8” Head-Up Display projects essential information onto the windshield, keeping you informed without diverting your focus from the road. Connectivity is a breeze with USB charging ports thoughtfully placed for the convenience of up to six passengers across all three rows.

     A Helping Hand: Safety Features

    Safety is paramount in the 2024 QX60. It's designed to safeguard what matters most – your loved ones. The QX60 comes equipped with a suite of standard and available driver assistance and safety technologies. These technologies are your loyal companions, providing unwavering confidence drive after drive.

    The extensive list of safety features includes Rear Automatic Braking, Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist, and more. The available Smart Rear View Mirror uses a rear-facing camera to provide a clear, frameless view of what's behind you, even when the rear window is obstructed.

     Powerfully Refined: Vehicle Performance

    2024 INFINITI QX60 - Rear View


    The 2024 INFINITI QX60 offers a compelling blend of power and refinement. It marries the award-winning 295-horsepower 3.5L V6 engine to a responsive 9-speed automatic transmission. The result is a driving experience that is both exhilarating and efficient, delivering the perfect equilibrium between sophistication and practicality.

    The 3.5L V6 engine is capable of producing 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. To further enhance fuel efficiency, it features an idle start/stop function. A responsive 9-speed automatic transmission is paired with manual-mode paddle shifters, enabling you to maintain confident control over the vehicle. The available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive adds an extra layer of assurance, instilling confidence whenever you need it.

    The QX60 offers five distinct drive modes, allowing you to tailor the driving experience according to your preferences and the road conditions. It's an exemplar of versatility and capability.

     INFINITI Premium Care: Luxury Beyond Ownership

    INFINITI's commitment to the customer experience extends beyond the driver's seat with INFINITI Premium Care. This integrated routine vehicle maintenance plan is available for all 2023 and 2024 INFINITI vehicles, ensuring that your luxury experience continues throughout your ownership journey.

     Driven By Life: The QX60 Experience

    2024 INFINITI QX60 - Wheel View


    The 2024 INFINITI QX60 is designed to be more than a vehicle; it's an embodiment of life-oriented luxury. Whether you're taking the wheel, enjoying the ride from the second row, or watching the world go by from the third row, the QX60 offers an experience that transcends the ordinary.

    From the luxurious INFINITI Leather-Appointed Seats to the Black Open Pore Ash Wood Trim, every detail of the QX60 is crafted with an unwavering commitment to luxury. The theater-seating layout elevates each row's height, providing passengers with a better view of the road and a more connected experience. Connectivity is key in the digital age, and the QX60 ensures you stay linked to the world around you.

     Luxury for All of Life's Roads: The INFINITI QX60

    2024 INFINITI QX60 Side View


    The 2024 INFINITI QX60 is more than just a vehicle; it's a reinterpretation of luxury. It's a paradigm shift that challenges conventions and redefines what a luxury crossover SUV should be. At Devan INFINITI of Fairfield, we take great pride in introducing the 2024 INFINITI QX60 to our local community in Fairfield, Connecticut.

    Luxury isn't just an attribute; it's a lifestyle. The 2024 INFINITI QX60 is designed to transform the way you live, offering a driving experience that's both refined and practical, whether you're navigating the streets of Fairfield or embarking on a cross-country adventure.

    Discover the embodiment of luxury and sophistication by visiting our showroom at Devan INFINITI of Fairfield. The 2024 INFINITI QX60 isn't just a vehicle; it's an experience, and it's available now to elevate your journey. The pursuit of luxury has a new address – Devan INFINITI of Fairfield.Whatever road you travel, the 2024 INFINITI QX60 will be there to help you take on life in style.

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